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                    Carpet Cleaning                 

Our patented Duraclean cleaning process leaves

your carpets cleaner and healthier than

any other system on the market.


Our process saves you money 3 ways:

1) Lifts out more soil. 

        Up to twice as much as ordinary "steam cleaning."

2) Restores luster and color...

        to your carpet and fabrics, thus delaying home furnishing replacements.

3) Longer time between cleanings. 

        Our process leaves your carpet soft and residue free so they stay clean, longer.






Environmentally safe for

    pets and babies too!








Our prices are competitive,

but you get what you pay for                       

and our quality and service can't be beat!


Call for a free estimate. We pick up area rugs and take them out for thorough double-sided cleaning.


Here is the 10 Step Cleaning process we use to treat your carpet right:

 1. Inspect carpet with homeowner.

 2. Pre-Vacuum entire carpet *, dusting baseboards as needed.

 3. Move furniture within reason.

 4. Treat spots.

 5. Pre-spray entire carpet.

 6. Agitate pre-spray into carpet fibers to achieve a deep cleaning.

 7. Rinse carpet with fresh water leaving no residue using truck mounted unit.

 8. Soil and stain repellant application optional *.

 9. Replace furniture on tabs or blocks to  prevent staining from furniture legs.

10. Groom carpet.

      Carpet dries rapidly. 


*We use Butler System truck-mounted equipment using our own cleaning water and use a new micro-filtration vacuum bag on every job. 

*Waste Disposal: All waste water, lint and debris is disposed at our facility.  

*All cleaning is held to the IICRC Standards using environmentally friendly and green products.


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