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        Area Rug Cleaning and Repair       

We pick up and deliver your........................

Cleaning: multi step process

(different than our in-house carpet cleaning)

Repairs: fringes, binding, serging, braid sewing, backing,

heat tape, latex gluing, cutting.
Treatments: Pet urine, odor treatment, mildew,

moth-guard, & scotch-guard.

Carpet Cushion: felt pad & rubberback synthetic jute

cut specifically to fit your rug.

Pick up your rug(s) and deliver to your door at no extra charge. All rugs are priced according to size. 
Cleaning turn around time from pick up to delivery at your specification is one week, unless specified
that we hold your rug in storage. Storage rates apply. 
Call for pricing: Fairfield County 203-938-0627   
or email 
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 Multi-Step Cleaning Process

1. Upon receipt, all rugs are given a visual inspection for irregularities, measured to the nearest 1/2" for size and thoroughly vacuumed.
2. Rugs are pre-tested for color-fastness. Those submitted to cleaning get a light spray of a neutral pH pre-conditioner to help loosen soils and aid in the cleaning process. Specific stains are worked on individually, prior to general washing.
3. The rugs are shampooed utilizing a rotary shampoo machine containing a high-foaming, moderately alkaline pH shampoo with either luke warm or cold water. If a fringe is present, it is carefully washed with a handbrush and shampoo formulated for fringes.
4. After washing, the rugs are rinsed and extracted.
5. We then groom the rug to raise the nap, give the rug a uniform apperance and facilitate the drying process.
6. The rugs are hung up to dry overnight in our custom designed drying room.
7. The nex day, the rugs are inspected for dryness and cleanliness. If necessary, rugs are respotted and recleaned at no extra charge.
8. Finally, the rugs are re-vacuumed, wrapped and marked for identification.
9. Rugs requiring special attention are handled on an individual basis. Silk rugs are not washed without the customer's approval. All silk and faux silk rugs are cleaned via the "Pearl" powder dry cleaning method formulated for delicate fibers. Rugs subject to bleeding and other delicate fibers are also "Pearl" cleaned.
10. Scotchguard, mothguard, odor and mildicide treatments are performed on an individual basis as are repairs, refringing and rebinding.



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